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Womens Health

Women’s Health care is the paramount of society. From ancient times women have had a great importance in the family role. Ayurveda treats woman’s health care with utter most priority, as if the women of the house is not healthy and happy the optimum balance of the household is effected. Ayurveda has a whole separate […]

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Every pregnancy, there is a birth

Every pregnancy, there is a birth. every birth there is lessons to be learnt You have the birth you need to have to  learn the lessons you need to learn to bring you closer to wholeness; a wise teacher says – Jane Hardwick Collings A touchy subject i know, but not very spoken about and […]

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Wifi & Electromagnetic fields effect on fertility

 Wifi & Electromagnetic fields effect on fertility Science now understands that the human body is an electric being not a biological being as modern medicine is based on. This means that we are a living conductor of energetic information; This can be seen, for example when the sun comes up the bodies natural response is […]

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