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Congee Coconut Rice Porridge

Coconut Rice porridge 🔶Congee 🔸Nourishing and easy to digest. great for late pregnancy and post partum, this is all I will eat for a couple days after I give birth so my digestive system has a chance to kick back in, this meal is grounding and nourishing and pacifies Vata which is high after birth: […]

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Bone Broths- Gut healing and uterus nourishing and strengthening

Gut healing and uterus nourishing and strengthening; bone broths full of fats and minerals; have also been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures and needed in our modern lives! Also great for preconception, pregnancy and post- natal. Ingredients:  Organic free range Chicken carcass or equal quantity of beef bones. 3 tablespoons of Apple […]

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Semolina Porridge

Semolina Porridge – Easy to digest breakfast A scrumptious, nourishing breakfast that will keep you grounded for the day. An easy to cook, light, nourishing and easy to digest; Good for babies first meal and the elderly. Ingredients; 2-3 tbsp Ghee, 1-2 tbsp raw sugar, 1/2-1tsp ground cardamom, 1tsp of Cinnamon, 1/2 cup organic course […]

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Hot Spiced Detox Apple Smoothie

Hot cleansing apple & beetroot smoothie Ayurveda teaches us to live with the seasons and in autumn and winter to have warm cooked meal. fruit can be hard to digest depending on your body type and may cause gas and bloating, cooking your fruit with spices is a great way to aid digestion and get […]

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Guide to Wellness in Autumn, The time to detox summer toxins before winter.

Guide to Wellness in Autumn. Its the time to detox summer toxins  and boost immune system before winter. living with the seasons, living with awareness. In autumn everything in Nature begins the shed what it does not need for winter. Us humanas are the same, when autumn comes around our body naturally starts to move those […]

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Healing Kitchen Spices, Turn your food into medicine.

Healing Kitchen Spices, Turn your food into medicine- “Spice up your life” “There is nothing in Nature that doesn’t have some medicinal value if applied correctly”- Dr Ajit “Ayurvedic herbs work best when within the context of an Ayurvedically designed diet and lifestyle that suits that individual and also takes into consideration the seasonal changes” “Let […]

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