Medicinal Herbal Tonics

Tonic Herbal Medicines  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”- Hippocrates


These herbal tonics are essential for our wellbeing, especially in the modern world. As our soil, air and water supply has become very depleted,

damaged and toxic. This has a major effect in the minerals, nutrients, vitamins and life force as to which our food now is  lacking.

Tonic herbs are a category of food supplement and medicine, they are more essential now then ever.

This herbal tonics are the  superfood of super-foods, each with healing and rejuvenative qualities, these are our best sellers and many more are available upon consultation.





50 Capsules $35 , 100 capsules $45 or 200 Capsules $55 Plus $12.00 Shipping and handling 

Ashwaganda – Withania Winter cherry is frequently referred to as “Indian ginseng” because of its rejuvenating properties, good for Stress, Fatigue, lack of energy and helps concentration. naturally containing Iron, Zinc and Iodine. It nourishes the Thyroid, bones, marrow muscles, nerves and reproductive system. 

Amala a superfood, a super fruit to be precise. An indian Berry is the highest herbal form of Vitamin C, Enhancing the Immune system & nourishing the heart, eyes, skin and nails. traditionally taken during pregnancy for its antioxidants and tissue nourishing properties.

Arjuna: The bark of this 2,500-year-old Indian tree reduces angina by 50% just as well as (if not better than) nitroglycerine lowers blood pressure LDL cholesterol, moves stagnant phlegm and helps strengthen the heart.

Ashoka: for women used in treatment of excessive uterine bleeding. The plant is used also in dysmenorrhoea and for depression in women. It is useful in menorrhagia (scant menses), dysmenorrhea (painful menses, menstrual cramps), depression, bleeding, hemorrhoids, uterine fibroids, considered a uterine sedative and tonic. Useful in Leucorrhoea.

Anti Inflammatory Turmeric is an excellent natural antibiotic, while at the same time it strengthens the digestion and helps improve intestinal flora. It is a good anti bacterial, Anti inflammatory and purifies the blood but also stimulates formation of new blood tissue. mixed with ginger and pepper to enhance its absorption.

Digestive Detox A medicinal mix of 6 Ayurvedic herbs to strengthen digestion, balance parastaylis in the intestines, encourage production of enzymes, to break down food, absorb nutrients and burn away toxins in the GI tract.

Green Superfoods. Organic blend of Barley, wheat grass, Spiralina, chroella, Nettle and Green Matcha Tea. This blend has a high percentage of protein and iron, as well as all eight essential amino acids; potassium; zinc; calcium and B vitamins. A high level of chlorophyll, a great and easy way to give the body what it needs, detoxify and put a spring in your step

Guduchi The herb supports the normal function of the immune system by maintaining optimal levels of white blood cells like macrophages. The plant is also used in dyspepsia and various types of fever. Gudduchi strengthens anti-infective response. Working with the Liver this powerful herb has been known to support in the healing of many ailments- Virus and diseases.

Mind tonic is a combination of the most recognised “nervine” herbs from the Ayurvedic tradition. This formula clears, sharpens, and calms the mind while having a general tonic effect on the entire nervous system. Recommended for many sufferers of “anxiety” related disorders, these herbs can be used by anyone to generally boost the mental function. This combination is safe and free of side-effects. Regular usage has an uplifting “rasayana” effect on total health and vitality.

Mens tonic with powerful Ayurvedic super herbs, Goksura ( Kidney tonic, sperm increasing and nourishing, testosterone boosting), Ashwagandha (nourishing the kidneys, adrenals, nones, marrow, reproductive and nerve) good for fatigue and general energy booster, Triphala ( a mix of herbs to support detoxification and absorption or nutrients in the colon)

Liver Detox a mix of western and Ayurvedic herbs to support liver detoxification and rejuvenation with Turmeric, Guduchi, St marks thistle and dandelion root. the liver being the major organ in the body which governs digestion and hormone balance and with our modern toxic lives, the liver should be our focus for optimal health.

Reishi mushroom tonic is considered the most powerful tonic for the attainment of optimum health, longevity, and spiritual attainment. With traditional Uses of Ganoderma lucidum In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Reishi is used to tonify the Three Treasures: Jing (essence), Qi (life energy and life force) and Shen (Spirit, God, awareness and consciousness), as well as to protect and guard the liver and heart. Reishi is used traditionally to build resistance to stress (including normal and premature aging) & balance immune. Additionally, Reishi acts as a slight Central Nervous System (CNS) sedative while building the CNS overtime, both relaxing and energizing the body and mind. Has traditionally been taken during pregnancy but no studies have been done.

Shatavari: is best known as a female rejuvanitive. It is useful for infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, leucorrhea and has the ability to balance pH in the cervical area and strengthen the reproductive organs and balance hormones.

Shilajit This remarkable substance is treasured for it’s properties as both a detoxifier and it’s ability to build tissue. It is replete with many of the essential trace elements that are lacking in the modern diet and is a primary medicine for a great variety of diseases. Shilajit is is an amazing rejuvenative and is one of the best anti-aging medicines. It is famous in India as a sexual tonic. It is also very effective in dissolving “bad calcium”. combating ageing and Arthritis. Shilajit is a very gentle substance and makes for a wonderful daily tonic medicine. $5 more expensive then other herbs.

Trikatu is stimulative in nature, good for liver, spleen and pancreas. Trikatu stimulates stomach to produce enzymes. Hence it helps in digestion and detoxification of toxins . It is also a rejuvenate for kapha, supporting healthy lungs and clear breathing. Add to meals to enhance digestion or take after meals for detoxification

Triphala is a herbal concoction. This is traditionally used as a bowel tonic, often described as a mild laxative. This is also very good for digestion and eliminating toxins from the GI tract, high and vitamin C and strengthens the peristaltic action of the intestines.

Vitex chasteberry helps to create a hormonal balance that helps your reproductive system work as it should.  This helps PMS or PMDD, missing or Irregular Periods, anovulation, Estrogen Dominance, Low Progesterone Levels, Miscarriage, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and Short Luteal Phase.

Vidari Kanda is a nutritive tonic that is rejuvenating for both body and mind. As is the case with many nourishing herbs, it has a special affinity for supporting the reproductive system. In men it supports healthy production of semen. In women it supports healthy menstruation and healthy lactation. In both sexes it is a strengthening aphrodisiac that supports fertility and vitality.


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These statements & this product has not been evaluated and approved by the TGA & FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your Doctor or practitioner

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