Nourish Ayurvedic Tea Powder

Nourish Ayurvedic Tea Powder

$ 16.00


Nourish Ayurvedic Tea Powder is a beautiful blend of Ayurvedic Herbs to assist in Digestion, Detoxification, Hormone Balance and Immune function.

With All organic high quality ingredients of Liquorice root powder to assist in absorption and give a hint of natural sweetness, Cinnamon to support digestion, circulation and balancing of blood sugars, Shatavari to nourish and support the reproductive system, Guduchi to support the immune system and liver function and Triphala a classic Ayurvedic herb mixture to support digestion and assimilation.

Add one Teaspoon to frothed milk for a latte

Add one teaspoon to hot water and enjoy before bed

Add one teaspoon to your smoothie.

To be enjoyed Daily for full benefits.

Pregnancy or High blood pressure should use with caution and consult your health practitioner prior to use  due to the ingredient Liquorice root.

Price is for 50gm Organic Nourish Ayurvedic Tea powder



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