Organic Yogi Chai 60gm

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Organic Yogi Chai 60gm

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Everyones Favourite is back! Yogi Chai

A beautiful blend of grounding Organic Ayurvedic spices, in a blend to warm your belly and calm your mind.

Enjoy with or without milk, this spice mix is strong and able to use the same teaspoon of spices a few times, best if soaked in hot water over night then reheated.


Liquorice root, assists digestion and elimination (if you suffer high blood pressure please consult your health professional)

Cinnamon, to warm the digestive system and helps blood sugars after a meal

Fennel to help digestion and eliminate gas,

Cardamom,  to warm the digestive system and help balance mucus production

Ginger, aids digestion and detoxification

Cloves, warms the system and aids digestion

Pepper, warming





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