Every pregnancy, there is a birth

Every pregnancy, there is a birth

Every pregnancy, there is a birth.

every birth there is lessons to be learnt

You have the birth you need to have to  learn the lessons you need to learn to bring you closer to wholeness; a wise teacher says – Jane Hardwick Collings

A touchy subject i know, but not very spoken about and it needs to be.

what did your body and soul tell you? is this the same theme that is playing out in your life in other aspects?  these lessons could be small and soft or loud and hard.

When i was 6 weeks pregnant, just about to go out on a 3 day solo vision quest, i had just told my life story to 40 women in circle; straight after i felt a gush of blood on my legs. i immediately went into shock but after 5 minutes or so i decided that i had to stay present and use this experience as it was a lesson and for me at this particular point a test.

I laid down on the earth with my legs up a tree to reverse the flow of energy in my body, i entered a state of meditation, with a deep calm and relaxed breath, i entered a place of trust and surrender, i told myself that no matter what happens, if i loose this baby or if it stays, its meant to be and it is perfect for me to learn what i need to learn. i stayed in this space for a few hours and then was escorted to bed. with many wild dreams i awoke with only spotting. for three days out in nature i was unsure if i was still pregnant and being in this space was what i needed for my vision quest.

After this time, after seeing my body in a mirror, i realised i was still pregnant and that this experience was a strong lesson; to be able to enter the place of trust with detachment to the outcome. As trust being the main lesson for all of my life, and the lesson i need to embody to evolve this lifetime. This lesson arose again for me the day before my birth; i was surrounded by fear, a horrible feeling that something was going to go wrong for me or my baby during the birth once again after a whole day i realised this was again another lesson and test for me to surrender and trust and from that place my baby was born.

They say around 1 in 3 pregnancies miscarry, There is many reasons why a miscarriage may take place; spontaneous, immune system, liver issues, hormone imbalance and the biggest is stress.

Ayurveda looks at the Vata dosha the air and space elements. Air and space is amplified in the body and the nervous system when stress is encounted. The Vata dosa governs all movement in the body, the main one being the downward movement of “apana” energy flow. Apana downward energy flow in balance there will be a healthy menstrual cycle and healthy bowel function. The apana energy flow can be in excess when stress occurs, this is why you may need to race to the bathroom and go to the toilet when you are stressed or for some it may stop the flow of energy which results in constipation. A healthy balanced Apana is required to maintain a pregnancy and also to give birth. Ayurveda always looks at balancing Vata during conception, pregnancy, birth and post natally.

Here are some tips and practises for early pregnancy and the first trimester.

  • cut down on your work load and busyness
  • ensure there is time and space in your life ready for this baby to be in your world.
  • each evening after your day lay close to a wall, with your feet up the wall
  • Sleep with a pillow under your feet
  • avoid stress
  • avoid flying
  • avoid sex if possible
  • avoid stimulants; coffee (see truth about caffeine blog on my site)
  • practise deep breathing and mindfulness
  • mother yourself as you would mother a baby
  • communicate with the soul of this baby

With every pregnancy there is a birth and as the ancients wise ones practice a space of 40 days rejuvenation after birth so should this be honoured and practiced if a women miscarries, aborts or has a still birth. the 40 days after the birth with rejuvenating practices and the focus on healing, being gentle, nurturing and nourishing.

There is some Ayurvedic herbs i recommend one is Shatavari, taken during the first trimester to strengthen the uterus and embryo for a reduced chance of miscarrying. these herbs i recommend in the 40 day period also for rejuvenation of the reproductive organs. for more info please PM me or email love@shaktiholistichealing.com


Holliea Fairleigh

Holliea Fairleigh

I'm a Yoga, Ayurveda and health activist, an Ayurvedic Practitioner & Herbal Tea enthusiast - with passion and enthusiasm for self expansion and growth, finding out who I am and my purpose in this life... I strive towards creating conscious awareness to ourselves and our current health crisis. I'm learning to write and express myself, with really bad english and grammar but this blog stuff will be great for me. I am fascinatedly in love with women's health, hormones, herbs and astrology. I want to learn all I can and be the best person I can be, to help the earth and all creatures on earth. Lets grow together!



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